Hier findet Ihr immer den aktuellen Kursplan. Änderungen natürlich vorbehalten.

Donnerstag Kurs 1 Kurs 2
November 18.00 - 19.00 Uhr 19.15 - 20.45 Uhr
01.11.2018 Red, Gold & Green Wiederholung
08.11.2018 Another saturday Night
almost Human
15.11.2018 Wiederholung Wiederholung

Country walking

Bethlehem Child
29.11.2018 Wiederholung Wiederholung
Dezember 18.00 - 19.00 Uhr 19.15 - 20.45 Uhr

half a cha

13.12.2018 Wiederholung Wiederholung
20.12.2018 Mini Marianna
Wiederholung (evtl. Taps)
27.12.2018 Weihnachtsferien [Weihnachtsferien]
Januar 18.00 - 19.00 Uhr 19.15 - 20.45 Uhr
03.01.2019 Interner Übungsabend
(alle Kurse!)
18 - 22 Uhr
(nur unsere Tänze)



Sonntag Kurs 1 Kurs 2


18.00 - 19.00 Uhr 19.05- 20.45 Uhr
04.11.2018 tanzen Jennie
11.11.2018 tanzen Wiederholung
18.11.2018 tanzen Anywhere
25.11.2018 tanzen Wiederholung


18.00 - 19.00 Uhr 19.05- 20.45 Uhr
02.12.2018 Ausfall Ausfall
09.12.2018 tanzen Hello Summer
16.12.2018 tanzen Wiederholung
23.12.2018 tanzen I close my eyes
30.12.2018 Weihnachtsferien Weihnachtsferien

Am 3. Januar treffen wir uns zusätzlich zum ersten gemeinsamen tanzen in 2019!!!!! Von 18 - 22 Uhr laufen ausschließlich Tänze aus unseren Kursen.  (7,- Kursbeitrag)

* Änderung

PT = Partnertanz
freies tanzen => Musik von CD ohne neue Tänze, nur alte üben

bereits gelernte Tänze:


Electric Slide Cowboy Charleston Mama Maria
Mini Mariana Country walking Super simple
Lindi Shuffle Something in the water Some beach
Cowgirls twist Irish stew Sweetie
Dizzy Foxy Girl Bosa Nova
Break – a - way a little close for comfort Sweet sweet smile
Chica boom boom C.C.S. @ the hop
home on the range Black Coffee Home
Rhyme or reason af en af can you see the satellites
and you you you Rio I´m no good
Fiddler Man Coastin Hey Boy
side by side heaven in my woman eyes T´morrow never knows
under the sun it hurts Rose garden
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Pretend Broken Stones
Billy Jean Mean Island in the stream
Sue Heart of an Angel Mini Barrel
Summer Fly My Pretty Belinda Louisiana Swing
50 Ways Little Boy spanish Lady
Z Dance Quarter after one Coulors of the wind
Reflection Babana Peel Billy´s Dance (PT)
Boot Scootin Boogie Canadian Stomp Red hot Salsa
Homeward bound Southern delight Minute Waltz
Blue note Find a way Danza Kudoro
Doctor Doctor Sha la la move a little in the right direction
Tinkabelle Zaleilah Lonely
Tennessee waltz surprise sing sing sing captured by Love
Boys will be boys London Rhythm Swing el Ritmo bomba
where we have been Toes Hi a ma Cha
Mein Herz es brennt Frame of mine Middle of the road
Be strong shout shout Silver lining
pot of gold Slipery Brand new Day
Mama take me home Just a little love little easy
don´t say goodbye Shame & Scandal in the family back again
Crazy foot mambo Amame white rose
big Girls boogie Come dance with me a crazy dream about you
splish splash Stripes this is me
my Greek nr. 1 Mamita Voodoo jive
a crazy dream about you catch the rain lookout
don´t wake me up dream lover
bread and butter
this and that walking on air Knee Deep
Timber (64) Raggle Taggle Gypsy O wow Tokyo
country as a boy can be Duck Soup Simply Cha Cha
Those were the days Old Flames Every breath you take
Rita´s Waltz Simply Cha Cha No Matter
a little higher 6 8 12 blue moon
call me maybe right here be my baby now
Jesse James Alcazar Alabama Slamming
the other side (AKA wow hawaii) ring my bells trust me
Obsesion We only live once
Slow burn
with these eyes Cheereo ticket to the blues
Tag on say something uptown funk
after Party Roller Coaster Eureka
the bomp Cliche love song and get it on
Locklins Bar Twist & Turns Seal it with a kiss
everything to us Night Changes The Queen
a kind of hush Emergency head in the sky
hard to say it Moving Rodeo Samba Huh
Alvaro sexy night blackpool by the sea
dear future husband about feelings overloading
Butterfly comeback my love Stitches
Handclap hey Girl Brand new chick
just have faith cake by the ocean corazon Diamante
Solo Amor Mira Sofia Dear friends
your heaven Primer beso aqua y fuego
take me to the river unchained Melody my middle name
don´t need it hard work Grow up
Digital Age CT Shuffle Shady
Hey Ho Let it swing Italiano
say it again Gambling man chasing down a good time
8 & 1 Gypsy Queen Spotlight
be mine Cha sunday finest Nancy Mulligan
Dig your heels throwback love slow hands
blue night cha teenage dreams blue night cha
Havana Ooh-na-na Burning Love Love Repeats
white summer dress Dive His only need
Gentleman Amarte Bachata sweet caroline
Old and Grey Got your number All Katchi, All night long
Liebe ist Babylon Allisa Waltz
Dy na mite Speak to a girl Down at the station
Lonely (Cha Cha) Dame Mas little perfect sister
Best friends Capital Letters heaven on earth
Make way Echamé la Culpa Dirty little secret
Samba Nation Party Train Love You More
Eurodance Groovy Love Get it right